Monday, September 17, 2012

Working Hard in Paradise

Not always fun and games in paradise, a few days of forced manual labor made us appreciate our visit even more. Despite being on vacation my dad made us work.  He had many crazy ideas of how to make things better and improve his property which we don't agree to but how can you argue with your parent when they are set in their ways?  If you don't help out he will still do it. Usually after our sweat we hurry off to the beach to enjoy the rest of the day.  It's always something nice to look forward to.

We only started with a 'light' trim with this beautiful shade treeSmall twigs became large branches and more cutting. Photo break!oh it's so heavyyyyy ... it's hard work!Yeah messing around when I should be 'trimming' more branches!As you can see we're cutting more and more of the tree. So much for a light trim.Checking out the back yard, hanging with the chickens and ducks.Family photo with the pets.

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