Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gotta love the coconut!

I've seen this coconut plant in the backyard for years.  I've actually never had the pleasure of eating its fruit or see it bare fruit at all until this year.  I have to say it's pretty awesome.  This is the few type of coconut tree that does not grow very tall and have normal size fruit.  Easy to cut down and easy to enjoy!

Miniature coconut tree with tons of fruit.
My very first time cutting down coconut. I mean when am I ever going to be eye level with a coconut tree?The coconut is surprisingly heavy, I had a pretty tough time holding on and carrying it inside the houseI think this is a classic photo. Gives me a feeling of what hanging out in paradise is all about.Call him the coconut master, he is quite good at chopping it for consumption. He makes it look very easy cutting through the tough outer skin.
While putting these photos together I realized something.  Usually I like to tell a complete story from beginning to end yet I feel that my photos have not.  I've shown the coconut being cut, carried, and chopped but not the final product or even the aftermath.  I think the same for the photos of 'Trimming the Tree', I had the before and after photos but I was missing the critical middle photo of how much green product we had to dispose of.

I hope that in the future I will think about the whole photo process during my travel photos as I do on my wedding photography where I always try to tell a complete story. I hate the feeling of seeing missing pieces or something lacking after sorting through my images.

Come back again for more amazing coconut photos!

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