Sunday, September 23, 2012

Resize Landscape or Portrait Images in Photoshopt for 4x6 Print

The last part of my workflow is exporting the images out. I usually I either export out the images at full resolution or 8x12 at 300. The tricky part is that if I need to resize to 4x6 I can either re-do the export again in Lightroom which will take a long time or use Photoshop to batch process the already rendered JPEG photos.

Two ways to resize images for both Landscape and Portrait images for 4x6 prints

1) Use Fit Image under File -> Automate -> Fit Image.

The Fit Image screen will show up with Height and Width which is very misleading

It's not clear but the text really means is constrain the image dimension height and width to the longest side.  For this example if an image is landscape the longest Width will be 1800px or if an image is a portrait the longest height will be 1800. It DOES NOT mean to constraint the height and width to 1800 to make a square image.

End result of a Landscape image should be something like this:

End result of a Portrait image should be something like this:

Notice the Maximum Width and Height, they both fall under our constraint of 1800px.

2) To batch job the whole thing Image Processor makes quick work of the images using the same dimension concept as in Fit Image.

Now I can resize all the image I want to print in one folder or open the up in photoshop and batch process the whole thing without having to create my own actions.

You can also save at the same location but it's smart enough to create a new folder so your old images will not be overwritten.

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  1. Awesome write-up. I did something similar, but sharpened the images for print and added a white border. I saved the actions and you can grab them for free on my website here.