Friday, April 8, 2011

iPad 2 as external monitor with camera. iPad tethering.

Do you currently own an iPad or iPad 2 and want to be able to view your photos directly on the screen as you shoot?  Wouldn't it be cool to directly tether your camera to the iPad or iPad 2 for larger external display? There are currently a few options out right now and most of them are available for the original iPad. I haven't found anything yet with the iPad 2.

The option is to use an Eye-Fi Pro, jailbreak iPad to use the "MyWi" app to create a ad-hoc wireless network, and the app "ShuttSnitch". As of right now photographer David Ziser has found a way to shoot tethered, images from his Canon 7D are sent to the iPad 2. He takes it one step further by then connecting the iPad 2 to a projector to have an even larger image for others to see. He hasn't given his secrets yet but I'll be sure to post it once I learn of it.

View the video below:

How To Directly Tether Your Camera To An iPad By Lee Morris

You can learn more from the source here:

Update: Please see my updated post on this topic!


  1. May i know if i need to buy a wireless transmitter for my 5DM2 in order to transfer the image to ipad ?

  2. Douglas,

    You do not need a wireless transmitter for the 5DMII. The eye-fi pro card will transmit directly to your iPad with it's software. I find the eye-fi software no where as good as shuttersnitch. For now I'm just scratching the whole wireless fe transfer and using a CF reader for the iPad. Simplifies everything and much cheaper. Only $30, mace by MIC

  3. Thank you for your reply :)

    Am i right to say that with eye-fi to shuttersnitch and setting a private network using MyWi, the whole setup is complete ?

    May i know if there is a eye-fi pro CF card ? there is only SD available for eye-fi. How can i do it ?

  4. Oh please let me know when you have this figured out for the iPad 2! This would make my life so much better. Do you know a way to tether directly to a monitor with no computer? If you can tether to a tv you can tether to a monitor, right?

  5. I have a ReplayXD camera with hdmi output, I need to uses my ipad2 for an external monitor is ther a way to
    Hook it up to I and stream live video from it. I was at the LS fest in Boling Green this year and bought the replay I thought I saw them using the ReplayXD with the ipad2 .
    I both the hdmi hook up cable and asked the sales person if that would work and he said yes but I now think it is only an uplink cable for watching tv throught th ipad2 ?
    Can any one help me with this. PS the only way to use the camer out put is with the hdmi cable.