Thursday, January 24, 2013

Summer 2012 @ Nag's Head, NC

I've spent more time at the beach this summer season than I've have in my entire life.  I personally do not enjoy the beach. I find it boring and very mundane sitting around. I hate the heat, the sun, the glare, the dried salt on my skin, and the water.  Yeah I basically hate everything about it yet I still enjoyed myself this past summer. I think it's mainly due to the friends and family I got to spend my time with.

@~10pm, 130 second exposure. I had to hold down the shutter button as I did not bring my remote shutter release. Not fun having to count to 130 and trying to hold still while the wind pushes you around.


I just realized something when I reviewed these photos.  At the beginning of the summer I spent it on the East coast.  The only way to capture the sun near the horizon is during sunrise.  When I traveled to Maui in August, it was difficult to see the sunrise but watched it set daily.  Interesting how in a span of a summer I traveled to two different oceans and saw different aspects of the sun.

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