Saturday, January 12, 2013

East Maui Road Trip – Part 2

The second half of trip is through the rugged mostly unpaved arid terrain of Maui cow country.  This is where most of the cattle farms are located as there is little vegetation similar to that of the steppe lands in Africa.  It does provide fantastic views of the Pacific ocean and dramatic sky.

Through the years this part of the island has become more and more paved as tourist flock to see this mainly uninhabited part of the island.  10 years ago when I first traversed this area you would hardly see a soul for hours.  Now you will see large vans packed with tourist looking out the window every 10 minutes.  The roads have smoothen out for the most part and what would have taken me at least 6 hours to drive though with patchy dirty road is now newly paved goodness.

If anyone has the time and the energy biking the whole island of Maui is very beautiful and worth while!

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