Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Snorkeling and Tropical Fishes

I haven't been really successful at snorkeling.  As it turns out the first time I went snorkel I became very nauseous after 5 minutes and could barely walk out of the water.  I felt like I was on a boat with violent waves pushing me around.  I didn't realized that I was so sensitive to motion sickness but after some research it was a result of the fire ant venom from the day before.  My right foot was covered with boils and blisters from the fire ant bites  and I still went ahead and tried to fit in the snorkeling fins.  Atlas snorkeling was not meant for me even after more attempts to calm my sensitivity but I was still very nauseous immediately into the swim.  For the few minutes that I was in the water the tropical fishes were barely visible and very lackluster.

To combat my inability to snorkel and see the fishes in their natural habitat I went to the Aquarium to see the fishes up close and person with perfect lighting.  These are the results and it felt so much better than wobbling around after a swim and trying to my balance.

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