Wednesday, July 28, 2010

iPhone - Cannot Connect to YouTube

For some reason I ran into this issue and I've spent the past couple of days trying to fix it. There are a couple of solutions and they all seem complicated and hopefully can I can help some ppl out. I know I'm a late technology adapter as I'm still using the original iPhone when the iPhone 4 has been out for a month now.  I"m a bit behind the times I supposes.  Running version 3.0 OS.

Please use the instructions I have below. The fix involves installing PushFix from Cydia.

Installing PushFix v1.0 - Steps
1. Load Cydia
2. On the main Cydia screen select "More Package Sources"
3. Select iPhoneModding
4. Select Install and Confirm
5. Go back to Cydia
6. Select the bottom Manage tab
7. Select Sources
8. Look for and select iPhoneModding
9. Look for and select Push Fix
10. Install Push Fix

One caveat that I've ran into for PushFix 1.0 that I believe is a scam is that this fix has one certificate for all users. For that reason I was receiving push notifications from other users on my FaceBook account even though I have all notifications turned off.

There are two solutions to the above, buy (~$4.99) and upgrade to PushFix 2.0 which creates a unique certificate for everyone (hence why I called it a scam).

The other option is try the following, which will require some work to remedy this situation.  You'll need to install OpenSSH, ToggleSSH, and MobileTerminal from Cydia.  You can use the search option to complete this task.

For the rest of the steps try the following PDF. Some of the steps might be repetitive but it should help resolve some of the issues.

or find it here below:

blocked youtube on iphone

I would like to give credit is due that is why I'm providing a link. Two notes though, the tutorial forgot to mentioned to install OpenSSH and ToggleSSH to allow WinSCP to connect with the iPhone. That was what was causing most of my problems. The default password is 'alpine' without quotes so it should work.

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